Monday, May 26, 2014

My Daruma Doll

Have you ever heard of Daruma doll? Well, I never heard of it until a friend of mine surprisingly sent it to me. Daruma is a traditional handmade Japanese wishing doll that keeps a person focused into achieving his/her goal or wish.  It's a symbol of goodluck.
Others wished to have a baby, pass an examination, have a healthy body or even start their own business. The doll is a reminder to never, ever give up on our dreams.  

This talisman is said to have different colors to choose from depending on the goal. 
RED for Luck and Good fortune
PURPLE  for Health and Longevity
YELLOW for Security and Protection
GOLD for Wealth and Prosperity
WHITE for Love and Harmony

These are simple steps on how to use Daruma doll.
1. Decide on a specific wish you are determined to achieve or have.
2. Once decided, draw one of Daruma's blank eyes ( left eye ) and place it somewhere visible to you anytime. This will make you focused in reaching that goal.
3. Draw another Daruma's eye when the goal or wish have been achieved. This is your way of saying thank you.

Interesting, isn't it? My goal has been set and the eye has been drawn. I'm looking forward for the result. Wondering when can I draw the other eye... Who know's what will happen next? Let's see...!