Monday, February 23, 2015

January- February 2015 BDJ Box

It has been a while since my last post. Glad to be back!

Kawaii must-haves!
I would say this is one of my favorite BDJ box since I started subscribing. The themed box has tiny heart prints in it that looks so cute and lovely. It's definitely Kawaii! I love Japanese brands and having eight products in a box made it more worth it! I also missed last year's Pixy exclusive so this one definitely made me excited!

So what's in it? Here they are:

1) Bifesta Cleansing Lotion Age Care : A water-based make up remover  (Php 419)
2) Lucido-L Styling Milk: Leave-on hair treatment  (Php 295)
3) Lucido-L Treatment Oil Perm: Overnight hair treatment (Php 295)
4) Sunkiller Perfect Strong Plus:  Sunblock with SPF 50+  (Php 495)
5) Pixy Blush-on  (Php 345)
6) Pixy Two Way Cake Fit  (275)
7) Pixy Coverlast  (325)
8) Pixy Eye Shadow (Php 315)

That's more than Php 2,000! For a price of Php 580 only per box, again I got more than what I paid for. That's what I love about this box.  For this month's products, I'm especially excited to try the make-up remover and hair treatments.  I've read good reviews about these products and I can't wait to try these myself. ^_^

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