Saturday, September 26, 2015

Tub of Happiness from Chef Toy's

Last month, Chef Tony's popcorn had a movie promo via BDJ Box's Facebook page. All we had to do was share our top 3 movies picks and tag someone who we want to watch these movies with with. I remember answering Ant-man, Terminator Genysis and Minions. And of course I wanted to watch these with husband: my long time movie buddy.  

On August  7, 2015, the four winners were posted on their page and I WON! Yey!!!  ^_^

The funny thing was, I didn't get to see the announcement. I was busy. I only found out on September 6, almost one month after (lol!).  Still, BDJ was very kind enough to send it to me. The courier took a bit long to deliver it to me but it's finally here. I got two different flavors Creamy Parmesan and Original Caramel. 

Thank you so much BDJBOX and ChefTonys! More Power!

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