Monday, February 8, 2016

Pan-cooked Pizza

Making up pizza is not new to me.  Back in college, I used to work part-time in a pizza restaurant. It was a good experience being involve in the proper preparation of something even for a short period of time. It's been a long time I stopped doing it and I miss it! So I did it again. But this time, I had to cook it in a pan since I don't own an oven. Let's find out how it turned out.
Here are the steps:

1. Prepare the dough. I am fortunate enough to own a bread maker. A friend of mine gave it to me few years ago as a wedding gift. For this pizza, we used that machine to make a dough for the first time. We just followed the needed ingredients and instructions in the manual and it turned out well! 
Roll out the dough using the rolling pin.

2. Heat the cooking pan.  Start by cooking the crust by itself on high heat then add olive oil. Cook your dough for about 2 minutes on one side or until the crust is already golden brown. Flip it and spoon a few tablespoons of sauce into the center of the pizza, slowly spreading it until you reach about half an inch from the edge.

3. Add your toppings. Cheese, mushroom, onions, pork salami, pineapple or whatever you like.  Turn the heat into medium low, cover the pan and cook the pizza for about 5-6 minutes or according to your liking! 

4. Remove from pan. Slice and serve hot.

And there you have it, our pan-cooked pizza. Hope you can try it too!

Thursday, January 7, 2016

Cartagena Beachwalk Resort, Alcoy Cebu

Cartagena Beachwalk Resort, Alcoy Cebu
The long shoreline of the beach.
More pictures below.

My husband and I recently visited Cartagena Beachwalk Resort in Alcoy and we had a wonderful time. It is a white sand beach with a long shoreline that one can definitely enjoy walking barefoot. This resort is located just before the famous Tingko Beach. Alcoy by the way is located in the Southern part of Cebu. You can get there by bus or private vehicle. Sadly, I couldn't say how much the fare is as we took our own motorcycle going there.

Cartagena Beachwalk Resort is a family-owned business. The colors of their cottages and room exteriors are red and yellow which really stand-out. It's lively and fun! The owner, Ma'am Sandy, is a retired teacher. She's very warm and welcoming. When she first met me, she hugged and kissed me on the cheek like I'm a close relative (hehe). Then we talked and laughed for a while like we've known each other for a long time. I've read few blogs about Ma'am Sandy and her sister Ma'am Nardy and they're all true! They're both nice.

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Olay- You're at Your Best Beautiful with BDJ

This came in as a surprise! When the courier guy knocked on my door, I wondered right away who could it be who sent me something. I can't even remember shopping online recently. Well when I opened it, I was really really glad they're Olay products!

I received an Olay Deep Moisture with Honey Body wash and Total Effects 7 in 1 day cream. Honestly, I love these two products very much. I've used these several times already.  
The Body Wash has a lovely smell that makes me feel relaxed after washing. It also gives you that moisturizing feeling that lasts the whole day. 
As for the Day Cream, I like it that it doesn't make my face looks oily compared to other brands. I usually use it before applying BB cream. It goes well together. And one more thing, it has SPF 15 to help protect you from the sun. 

Thank you so much Olay and BDJ! These arrived just on time as I was getting ready for holiday vacation. The day cream especially came in handy. It definitely made my Christmas merrier! I really appreciate it! More power!

#OlayBella #TotalEffects #MoistureThatLasts 

Saturday, September 26, 2015

Tub of Happiness from Chef Toy's

Last month, Chef Tony's popcorn had a movie promo via BDJ Box's Facebook page. All we had to do was share our top 3 movies picks and tag someone who we want to watch these movies with with. I remember answering Ant-man, Terminator Genysis and Minions. And of course I wanted to watch these with husband: my long time movie buddy.  

On August  7, 2015, the four winners were posted on their page and I WON! Yey!!!  ^_^

The funny thing was, I didn't get to see the announcement. I was busy. I only found out on September 6, almost one month after (lol!).  Still, BDJ was very kind enough to send it to me. The courier took a bit long to deliver it to me but it's finally here. I got two different flavors Creamy Parmesan and Original Caramel. 

Thank you so much BDJBOX and ChefTonys! More Power!

‪#‎TubofHappiness‬ , #BdjBox 

Monday, February 23, 2015

January- February 2015 BDJ Box

It has been a while since my last post. Glad to be back!

Kawaii must-haves!
I would say this is one of my favorite BDJ box since I started subscribing. The themed box has tiny heart prints in it that looks so cute and lovely. It's definitely Kawaii! I love Japanese brands and having eight products in a box made it more worth it! I also missed last year's Pixy exclusive so this one definitely made me excited!

So what's in it? Here they are:

1) Bifesta Cleansing Lotion Age Care : A water-based make up remover  (Php 419)
2) Lucido-L Styling Milk: Leave-on hair treatment  (Php 295)
3) Lucido-L Treatment Oil Perm: Overnight hair treatment (Php 295)
4) Sunkiller Perfect Strong Plus:  Sunblock with SPF 50+  (Php 495)
5) Pixy Blush-on  (Php 345)
6) Pixy Two Way Cake Fit  (275)
7) Pixy Coverlast  (325)
8) Pixy Eye Shadow (Php 315)

That's more than Php 2,000! For a price of Php 580 only per box, again I got more than what I paid for. That's what I love about this box.  For this month's products, I'm especially excited to try the make-up remover and hair treatments.  I've read good reviews about these products and I can't wait to try these myself. ^_^

Wanna subscribe to BDJ box? Click here -->> BDJ box