April Fun

12:15 AM

Why I have the best summer?
This year's April is loaded with so much fun. I felt like I've accomplished so many things in a short period of time and here's why.

FAMILY DAY (Iligan City, my hometown)
Nothing beats the fun spent with family. We haven't seen each other for almost 3 years since we all live in different cities: Cebu, Butuan, Cagayan de Oro and Iligan City. Having gathered together like this makes one day not enough. We went to the church for a Sunday Mass... And oh! By the way, that's not April 12, it's supposed to be April 13. I'm just too lazy to change it. Haha!!! Then we proceeded to Tita Fannie's to have lunch. Their chicken and liempo is still the best! We also visited my late dad's grave, watched movie and went karaoke. It was a long day but it's worth it. I really miss my family even though we text almost everyday. ^_^

High school Friends
GET TOGETHER (High school Friends)
Though I spent the whole day from my family's bonding, I never felt tired tired at all. And that's because I am so looking forward to see my high school friends. I don't go back to my hometown so often and whenever I do, they're nowhere to find. LOL! Now after not seeing them for years, the excitement awaits! Eating, drinking, dancing, never-ending talking about our young memories and story telling about what happened in the past 14 years after our graduation: these completed our evening. I had a wonderful time. Miss you all.

Maria Cristina Falls, Nature's Park, Timoga Spring pool
April 15, 2014
I have guests from Holland and Negros Occidental who wanted to see what we have in Iligan City. And since this is known as the City of waterfalls, where else would I obviously take them? Hehe. I took them to Maria Cristina Falls first. This waterfall never ceases to amaze me. It's truly majestic. My guests seemed to be mesmerized and never stopped adoring it. They just love it!
NOTE: Swimming here is deadly so forget about it. ^_^

The Nature's Park is also beautiful. They have a botanical garden, butterfly garden, mini zoo and a relaxing scene. With an entrance fee of P35.00, you already get a good value for your money.

After the nature's sightseeing, I took my guests to Timoga Spring Pool. Entrance fee is already P100 which is really disappointing. I think it's a big leap from P50.00 to P100.00. Nevertheless, the pool was refreshing, as always, especially this summer season.

Tinago Falls

TINAGO FALLS    (Iligan City)
April 16, 2014
Another popular waterfall for tourists in Iligan is the Tinago falls. Tinago means "HIDDEN" so which means one has to walk about 425 steps going down and another 425 steps back just to see the beauty of this falls. That sounds like a long anf tiresome walk but mind you, you'll barely notice it. After all, what's waiting for us is this really beautiful waterfall. The steps/stairs going there were well developed so it isn't hard. 

Sister-in-law's Wedding
*Binalbagan, Negros Occidental
From Iligan to Cebu, I had to travel again to Negros to attend my sister-in-law's wedding. The church design looked gorgeous and the food was great. I had another fun again. 

TUTOR GATHERING  (Harolds Hotel, Cebu)
I've been teaching online for 3 years. Since I work at home, I only get to communicate with my fellow tutors through our company's Facebook page. Meeting them in person and gaining more tutor friends at the gathering is such a pleasure. I am so happy!

Now tell me, isn't this summer the best? Who knows what's going to happen this May? Till then!


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