Cartagena Beachwalk Resort, Alcoy Cebu

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Cartagena Beachwalk Resort, Alcoy Cebu
The long shoreline of the beach.
More pictures below.

My husband and I recently visited Cartagena Beachwalk Resort in Alcoy and we had a wonderful time. It is a white sand beach with a long shoreline that one can definitely enjoy walking barefoot. This resort is located just before the famous Tingko Beach. Alcoy by the way is located in the Southern part of Cebu. You can get there by bus or private vehicle. Sadly, I couldn't say how much the fare is as we took our own motorcycle going there.

Cartagena Beachwalk Resort is a family-owned business. The colors of their cottages and room exteriors are red and yellow which really stand-out. It's lively and fun! The owner, Ma'am Sandy, is a retired teacher. She's very warm and welcoming. When she first met me, she hugged and kissed me on the cheek like I'm a close relative (hehe). Then we talked and laughed for a while like we've known each other for a long time. I've read few blogs about Ma'am Sandy and her sister Ma'am Nardy and they're all true! They're both nice.

They have several room options. We chose the fan room at Php 1, 200 since we needed to leave early morning the next day. Unfortunately, I forgot to take a picture of the room. The interior is simple but it's very clean and comfortable. It comes with a bath towel, soap and tissue too.

Here are the latest room rates: 
                                                Php 1, 200 - good for 4 persons (fan room)
                                                Php 1, 500 - good for 4 persons (air-conditioned room)
                                                Php 2, 000  - good for 6 persons
                                                PHP 4, 000 - good for 10 persons

Contact details
                                               Landline:  (032) 483-9057  - Look for Ma'am Sandy
                                               Mobile:  09193191781

I highly recommend that you call their landline so you can talk to them right away and make a reservation.

More information and tips when going there:
* The best day to go is on weekdays. You know WHY, right?  :)
* Bring your own food since they don't sell any. They sell beverages though at a reasonable price. They have water, soft drinks and few alcoholic drinks.
* If you forgot to bring your own eating utensils, no worries. They will lend you some even if you don't ask for it. That's really a big plus!
* If you didn't prepare any food, you can visit their nearby public market by tricycle. They have several options there. It's about 5 minutes ride and will cost you Php 8.00 only.
* You can also cook or grill  your own food in their dirty kitchen at the back.

If you're looking for a place to stay or stopover somewhere South of Cebu, I recommend Cartagena Beachwalk. For me, it feels homey and you will be treated nicely. I will definitely go back there again.

Here are the additional pictures. I also included a short clip of the place. Thanks for reading!

Cottage for daytime use.

Cottage for daytime use. Close up version
Tingko Beach. A view from afar.  
Pictures my husband randomly took at Cartagena.
That cat seems to be winking (lol! I love that picture so much!)

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