Sunday, March 17, 2013

Lake Balanan Adventure

Siaton, Negros Oriental

So what do we expect after a 30 minute ascending and rough ride going to Balanan Lake 

Well, going to the lake is about 10 kilometers from the Siaton national highway. We had a personal motorcycle ride each from a family friend so we didn't have to worry on how to get there. Going up, I admit, was a bit stressful because of the underdeveloped road but the beautiful scenic view makes you forget all that. From the highway to the  the lake displays a lot of green fields making that strenuous ride worthwhile.

The entrance fee to Lake Balanan is 50 pesos. It's a bit costly I guess, but believe me it's worth it! Their facilities include swimming pools, lodging houses and native designed restaurant. They also have activities in store for the guests.  The banca/boat ride cost 100 pesos per hour, with a seating capacity of 8 persons including the two guides.  The boat will take you to Balanan falls. I think the falls is beautiful in its own way. It's small one but rather captivating. They also have bamboo floating cottage/lake raft but unfortunately, it was on repair that time. Other activities includes zip line, kayaking and just mainly hiking and enjoy the fresh mountain air and beautiful view of the lake.  

After the tiresome ride, here we are! Balanan Lake is a really must visit place!

My Travel mates
Aiza, Tita Gie, Tito Matthijs, Tita Bing

..with the tour guide

Lake view while I'm on the boat.
Balanan is surrounded with mountain and trees, of course
(I'm sorry about my face covering the view, lol! I'm just so overwhelmed about this trip that I forgot to take pictures of the view alone)