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* THE RUINS, the Taj Mahal of Negros
   One of Negros Occidental's historical landmarks
   Talisay City, Philippines

I've always wondered why so many people raved about The Ruins. Now, I understand. Not only that it has interesting history but the mansion is just a magnificent sight to see! You can't help but just admire the beauty of the whole place. If you admire stonework, landscaping, gardening and historical places, then this is going to be the right place.  Obviously, we took pictures as many as we could. ^_^

The Ruins

The mansion was built during the 1940s, known to have 10 rooms that includes the Master's bedroom and the Family room. Outside the mansion stills stands the original fountain the owner has. Unfortunately, the whole house was burnt down during the World War II to prevent Japanese forces from making it as their headquarters. To this day, the mansion still stands tall and continue to amaze visitors. It was opened for tourist attraction last January 2008 and it

More information:
Entrance fee: 
P 60 (for adults)
P 40 (students, PLS show your I.D.)

My Hubby and Sis-in-law

My Hubby and Sis-in-law

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